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Nha Trang is blessed with 5 beautiful islands with blue sea and the most diverse marine life in Southeast Asia, including the islands called: Hon Tre, Hon Mieu, Hon Mot, Hon Tam, Hon Mun
The islands all have unique beaches and features, previously the 4-island tour includes: Hon Mieu, Hon Mot, Hon Tam and Hon Mun but after 20 years of operation, the 4 island tour of Nha Trang has changed.

Hon Tre Island is not included in the 4-island tour of Nha Trang, Vingroup bought the right to use the island, built a famous international-class Vinpearl Land amusement park with Coral Bay (separate from VinpearL Land) and Robinson oasis beach
– Coral Bay: Tickets to the bay 50,000 / Large, 25,000 / Children. As a beach with full games on the sea, dad chairs, restaurants … for visitors to rest, close to Hon Mun conservation area, marine and coral creatures are quite diverse, coral reefs are cultivated to regenerate. tourist service. But because the location is not too far from the shore, the low-quality tourist boats often let tourists come here, making it very crowded, relaxing and uncomfortable, and especially a large number of tourists. China was also brought here. Travel services are available:

Scuba snorkeling
Scuba diving with hats
Swim to see corals with diving goggles, snorkel and life jacket
Parachute flight, Water Moto ..

– Robinson oasis: Located next to Hon Mun, the farthest point of the beaches in the tour cluster of 4 islands in Nha Trang, a beautiful and pristine beach southeast of Hon Tre Island, but only 20 minutes by canoe travelers can explore this place. Dubbed an oasis, Robinson resort has a small beach with a length of over 100m, but the landscape here is like a miniature natural picture, fine white sand, smooth sea without a bit of ripples in clear water. squeezed to the bottom. This place is suitable for tourists who love the sea and islands, want to avoid the hustle and bustle, find the wild place. During the day, take a relaxing bath and enjoy fresh seafood, sleep in the tent to enjoy the sea at night. It also has activities such as team building, kayaking, feasting on the sea, live music, water bikes, parachutes …

Hon Tam Island:

It has a 4-star resort with a beach longer than 1km and there are many games here. Entrance fee to Hon Tam 250,000 VND / Large, 175,000 VND / Children (1-1.4 meters). You will be free of charge:

Immerse yourself in the blue sea with clear water and fine white sand 1km long
Beach facilities: Umbrellas, sun loungers
Use the 2,400 m2 swimming pool with swimming pool available
Water sports such as basket boat, Kayak
Football and beach volleyball
Use of mini golf course (free of charge 20 balls)
Use children’s club with creative and safe games for children, visit traditional Vietnamese craft villages: pottery, wine making, brocade weaving, conical hat making by skilled artisans
In addition, here you can play paid water sports such as parachute, water motor, banana boat, the most special here is Flyboard sport.